When it comes to the world of numismatics, Buffalo, New York, shines as a hidden gem for coin enthusiasts, collectors, and token aficionados. At BidALot Coin Auction, we take pride in being the bridge that connects you to this vibrant and rich world of rare coins, currency, and tokens in Buffalo, NY.

Buffalo, NY: A Numismatic Haven

Buffalo, NY, is not just famous for its wings; it’s also a thriving hub for numismatics. With a rich history dating back to the early 19th century, Buffalo has seen countless coins and tokens change hands within its borders. From the bustling streets of Downtown Buffalo to the historic neighborhoods of Allentown and Elmwood Village, the city is steeped in numismatic heritage.

Explore Buffalo’s Numismatic Hotspots

  • Downtown Buffalo: The heart of the city is where the action begins. Visit historic coin shops and auction houses that have witnessed the exchange of rare coins for generations.
  • Allentown: Known for its artistic vibe, Allentown is home to several antique shops that often hide numismatic treasures waiting to be discovered.
  • Elmwood Village: Stroll along Elmwood Avenue, and you’ll find quaint shops that occasionally feature coins and tokens with fascinating histories.

Services Tailored to Numismatic Enthusiasts

BidALot Coin Auction is more than just an auction house; it’s your gateway to the world of numismatics in Buffalo, NY. Our services cater to coin enthusiasts, collectors, and token connoisseurs, ensuring that everyone can find their treasure.

What We Offer:

  1. Coin Auctions: Our online auctions, like the one held on Monday, September 25th, 2023, at 7 PM EDT, feature a wide array of rare coins and currency. Whether you’re looking for a 19th-century Morgan Silver Dollar or a unique US $100 1934A Bill, our auctions have it all.
  2. Currency Auctions: For those passionate about paper money, our auctions often showcase uncirculated sheets of obsolete bank notes, like the ones featured in our July 24th, 2023 auction.
  3. Tokens and Collectibles: Numismatics isn’t just about coins and bills; it’s also about tokens and collectibles. Explore our offerings, such as the “Steamboat Willie” Mickey Mouse Silver Coin or vintage Civil War tokens.
  4. World Coins: Dabble in international numismatics with our selection of silver German coins, Spanish maravedis, and more.
  5. Precious Metals: Whether it’s .999 silver rounds, gold-plated Kennedy half dollars, or sterling silver rounds, we have a wide range of precious metal coins and rounds.
  6. Banknotes and Bills: Discover a treasure trove of obsolete bank notes, including hard-to-find ones like the Hawaiian Overprint Bill.
  7. Collectible Medals: Expand your collection with high-relief medals, commemorative medallions, and medalic history of the Jewish people.

Beyond Buffalo: Serving Surrounding Areas

Our commitment to numismatics extends beyond Buffalo. We proudly serve surrounding towns and counties, including:

  • Niagara Falls, NY: Just a short drive away, Niagara Falls offers not only breathtaking natural wonders but also opportunities to explore numismatic history.
  • Rochester, NY: Head east to Rochester, where you’ll find additional coin dealers and collectors eager to share their passion.
  • Erie County, NY: Beyond Buffalo city limits, the entire Erie County area is a treasure trove of numismatic possibilities.
  • Genesee County, NY: To the east, Genesee County is home to historic sites and shops with a penchant for numismatic discoveries.

Join Us on the Numismatic Journey

At BidALot Coin Auction, we invite you to join us on a numismatic journey through Buffalo, NY, and its neighboring areas. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of coins and tokens, our auctions and services are designed to enrich your numismatic experience.

Stay tuned for our upcoming auctions, immerse yourself in the history of Buffalo, and unearth treasures that tell stories of a bygone era. Your numismatic adventure begins here.